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Pakistani History Textbook blames Hindus for bloodshed during Partition

August 5,2017:

Estimates say up two million died in the savage violence that followed Partition.

Bloodshed during Partition
Bloodshed during Partition

Pakistani High School student Noman Afzal knows “traitorous” Hindus are to blame for bloodshed that erupted when the British India split into two nations 70 years ago. His history textbook tells him so.

The students across the border in India are taught a starkly different version of events, the result of a decades-long effort by the nuclear-armed rivals to shape and control the history to their own nationalistic narrative.

According to the Experts, Official unwillingness to confront bitter legacy of Partition and the skewed portrayals being peddled in the classrooms from New Delhi to Karachi is hindering any hope of reconciliation between the arch-rivals.

August marks the 70 years since the Subcontinent was divided into the two independent States Hindu-majority India and the Muslim-Majority Pakistan and millions were uprooted in one of the largest mass migrations in world history.

An untold number of people some estimates say up two million died in savage violence that followed, as the Hindus and Muslims fleeing for their new homelands turned on one another, raping and butchering in the genocidal retribution.


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